13 Sep

Job Opportunity *UPDATE* 29th Sept.

*UPDATE* 29th September

Thank you to all who have applied for a part time position at Braintree Community Centre. We apologise for the delay in replying to your application.

As the new “Rule of Six” imposed by the Government has had a considerable impact on the number of bookings in the Centre, we have unfortunately had to place this position on hold for the moment.

As soon as we are able to proceed (possibly after Christmas), we will contact you and ask if you would like us to consider your application at that time.

Please note that we will be looking for someone who can do a minimum number of hours (around 6) each week but can who can do more than that with a weeks’ notice. The day/hours available may not be entirely regular, at least to start with, and will include potential hours between 8.30am and 9.30pm Monday to Saturday. In the first week or two you will be required to attend for training hours in addition to the normal rota – at your agreed rate. Hours will be paid monthly at minimum wage rate. If you cannot be this flexible, please do not proceed with your application when invited.

We believe that the position may be most suitable for someone who either has their own transport or can access public transport without difficulty. This is however a personal decision.

Again, thank you for applying and we look forward to contacting you in due course.


We’re looking for someone to join our friendly admin team. Please apply with your CV and a cover letter to info@braintreecommunitycentre.org.uk.

Full details here:

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