16 Oct 2020

October 2020 Closure

It is with regret that we have to inform you that as Essex has moved to Tier 2 and stricter restrictions will apply, effective from tomorrow Saturday 17th October, there will be no further classes, group meetings or room hire options from Monday 19th until further notice.

We will endeavour to keep the website as up to date as possible and will make another announcement as soon as there is any news about re-opening. Do keep your eye on our website as we have been developing plans to offer some online amusements!

As before, if you have made any forward payments for classes, we will honour these when you return. Please do pass this information on to anyone you know who is not online.

If you have any questions, please email or telephone and we will do our best to help – info@braintreecommunitycentre.org.uk or 01376 323280.

05 Oct 2020

Braintree Open Online Art Gallery 2020 Live!

We’re pleased to welcome you to the first Braintree Open Online Art Exhibition, with work submitted by artists in and around the Braintree area. We hope you enjoy it! The gallery can be found here on the website, or on our Facebook page.

Thank you to all the artists who have shared their work with us and supported the Braintree Open Art Exhibition through these strange times.

If you’d like to be kept informed of future events, you can subscribe to our art email list.

23 Sep 2020

Rule of Six – September 2020

To all users of Braintree Community Centre.

Having received further guidance on the rule of six we can now share with you our updated safety measures.

We are complying fully with the rule of six (following the guideleines available as of 21st September):

  • No single gathering at the Centre can be of more than six people. Bookings that would normally have more than six attendees will be addressed on an individual basis – please contact the office to discuss how we can accommodate you while adhering to the guidelines.

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times inside the building – we have face visors available to purchase for £2 from the office, which may be more comfortable than a mask depending on your activity.

  • Social distancing must be maintained from other users at all times, including within your group of six.

We will adapt to any further guidance as it is announced.

13 Sep 2020

Job Opportunity *UPDATE* 29th Sept.

*UPDATE* 29th September

Thank you to all who have applied for a part time position at Braintree Community Centre. We apologise for the delay in replying to your application.

As the new “Rule of Six” imposed by the Government has had a considerable impact on the number of bookings in the Centre, we have unfortunately had to place this position on hold for the moment.

As soon as we are able to proceed (possibly after Christmas), we will contact you and ask if you would like us to consider your application at that time.

Please note that we will be looking for someone who can do a minimum number of hours (around 6) each week but can who can do more than that with a weeks’ notice. The day/hours available may not be entirely regular, at least to start with, and will include potential hours between 8.30am and 9.30pm Monday to Saturday. In the first week or two you will be required to attend for training hours in addition to the normal rota – at your agreed rate. Hours will be paid monthly at minimum wage rate. If you cannot be this flexible, please do not proceed with your application when invited.

We believe that the position may be most suitable for someone who either has their own transport or can access public transport without difficulty. This is however a personal decision.

Again, thank you for applying and we look forward to contacting you in due course.


We’re looking for someone to join our friendly admin team. Please apply with your CV and a cover letter to info@braintreecommunitycentre.org.uk.

Full details here:

Click to access Admin-Assistant-September-2020.pdf


31 Aug 2020

Resumption of BBCA Classes

I am pleased to formally announce that our classes are resuming as from 1st September following the 5 month “Covid-19 closure”.

We are opening adhering to Government guidelines with the following precautions in place:

  • A one way entrance & exit route dependent upon where your class is located (look for signage)

  • Sanitising stations are positioned around the building (please use them). Please wash your hands on arrival and before departure.

  • Screens are in place at the office.

  • Staff will be wearing visors

  • “Signing in” and payment will take place in your room – a staff member will come to your class to collect payment to avoid a queue forming at the office door.

  • There will be a time gap between classes to enable tables to be wiped down.

  • The kitchen will not be available – please bring your own refreshments.

  • We ask you not to wait in hallways at all – please wait outside the building until 5 mins before your meeting and leave immediately afterwards.

Social Distancing

We are adhering to the 2 m rule without masks. This has impacted on the rooms used by different size groups and the timing of classes (this keeps each class/meeting in its own “bubble”).

Temporary adjustments have therefore had to be made.

  • Classes may not be able to meet in their “usual” room. eg The annexe can only accommodate 3 persons. After discussion with the individual tutors an alternative location has been agreed for some groups.

  • To secure the best level of safety for their class tutors may have decided to change the timing or day of their class.

You will be informed on an individual basis if any of these social distancing changes affect you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to your tutors and BBCA



Chair BBCA

06 Aug 2020

Braintree Open Online Submissions

As we were unable to go ahead with the planned exhibition this year, we are instead having our first online exhibition. The artworks will be displayed in an online gallery on our Facebook page and on the Arts Hub of our website.

There are no entry fees or prizes, but we hope this will help tide our artists over to next year when we will hopefully be able to resume the usual annual “physical” exhibitions again, and will grant us the opportunity to see what everyone has been up to creatively over the past few months!

21 Jul 2020

Spanish Conversation

Our Spanish Conversation class with Karina will be starting again from next Thursday 30th July 7-9pm for five weeks. This will be in the hall to enable social distancing, and the number of students is limited.

If you would be interested in coming along, please email us at info@braintreecommunitycentre.org.uk and we will let you know if there are any places left, or add you to the waiting list. Please note that we cannot allow people to turn up without pre-booking.

17 Jul 2020

Safety Guidelines

The Centre is now open and able to take bookings, providing they can be run safely. We would ask all hirers to please make sure you have read our COVID-19 Risk Assessment. You will also find that the booking form has some additional questions, so we have all the information we need to accommodate you and your visitors safely. All forms can be found on the hire page.

Most of our weekly classes likely won’t be restarting until September or early 2021, but we will keep you updated as they start up again. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list for a class please contact us and we will be in touch once they’re back in business!

It is important that anyone visiting the Centre follows these guidelines:

Please do not attend the Centre if you are feeling unwell or have COVID symptoms.

Only visitors who are pre-booked on an activity will be allowed to enter the Centre.

Please do not come to the Centre before your event is due to start. Please do not wait inside the Centre once your activity is finished. Please do not linger in the hallways.

Wash your hands both on arrival and before leaving.

One-way entrance/exit system; rear doors for the main hall only.

Some areas may be out of use temporarily.

In order to assist with Track & Trace activity, everybody that attends an activity must leave their name and either mobile or email address with the activity organiser.

To be made within class, not at office.

The full safety guidelines can be read here.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope to see you soon!

08 Jun 2020

Nearly on the other side…

Nearly on the other side…

We hope that you are all OK and have survived the break without too many problems. There lots of places to go for help – Braintree District Council (https://www.braintree.gov.uk), Essex Map (https://www.essexmap.co.uk) etc. if you need it.

The government have suggested that leisure organisations, such as Braintree Community Centre, can reopen from 1st July 2020. As the Management Committee of the Centre, we shall be taking a cautious approach to reopening from that date.

Our staff have all been on furlough, so if you have been trying to contact us, please bear with us as we start to get going again. We are planning and installing various measures to ensure that we can be Covid-safe.


Groups : Starting back

We are not expecting every group to start back straight away – indeed, we do not want the Centre to get very busy too quickly, whilst we get used to having social distancing measures in place here, to ensure maximum safety.

Covid-safe may mean that in order to avoid very busy periods developing, we will be looking at staggered starts to classes and even changing days, in order to avoid having lots of people moving around at the same time. Equally, we will be expecting people to arrive on time for their meetings – we will be discouraging people being in the Centre waiting for start times. Chairs may be made available in the rear garden where necessary. We will be asking for your support as users, as well!

Every independent group is invited to contact us to discuss their own requirements. Please email to info@braintreecommunitycentre.org.uk. We are aware that many groups are still thinking about what to do – do please let us know if you want to continue or not in the long term. We will not be treating this Covid break as a break for affiliation status purposes, so don’t feel you must start back straight away.



Our own classes will be starting back in conjunction with our tutors wishes and attendees needs. Each group will be dealt with separately and students will probably be contacted by their own tutor. No group will start back before 1st July and some may be left until September. Information will be published here and will be available by phone (01376 323280) from mid July.

If you have prepaid classes outstanding from before we closed down, these will all be carried forward and will start again whenever you choose to rejoin your class – you’re not under any pressure to come back as soon as the class starts up again if you are continuing to isolate.


Please note that there is an NHS Health group which is going to be starting back in the next few days. No other people will be allowed in the Centre before 1st July.

We are looking forward to getting restarted and welcoming you back to the Centre; in the meantime, stay safe, keep well, and keep your chin up!

Agnes, Brenda, Lesley, James, David
Management Committe

Debbie, Yaz, Kelvin
Community Centre staff

15 May 2020
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