31 Aug

Resumption of BBCA Classes

I am pleased to formally announce that our classes are resuming as from 1st September following the 5 month “Covid-19 closure”.

We are opening adhering to Government guidelines with the following precautions in place:

  • A one way entrance & exit route dependent upon where your class is located (look for signage)

  • Sanitising stations are positioned around the building (please use them). Please wash your hands on arrival and before departure.

  • Screens are in place at the office.

  • Staff will be wearing visors

  • “Signing in” and payment will take place in your room – a staff member will come to your class to collect payment to avoid a queue forming at the office door.

  • There will be a time gap between classes to enable tables to be wiped down.

  • The kitchen will not be available – please bring your own refreshments.

  • We ask you not to wait in hallways at all – please wait outside the building until 5 mins before your meeting and leave immediately afterwards.

Social Distancing

We are adhering to the 2 m rule without masks. This has impacted on the rooms used by different size groups and the timing of classes (this keeps each class/meeting in its own “bubble”).

Temporary adjustments have therefore had to be made.

  • Classes may not be able to meet in their “usual” room. eg The annexe can only accommodate 3 persons. After discussion with the individual tutors an alternative location has been agreed for some groups.

  • To secure the best level of safety for their class tutors may have decided to change the timing or day of their class.

You will be informed on an individual basis if any of these social distancing changes affect you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to your tutors and BBCA



Chair BBCA