Virtual Craft Market Seller Application

We are looking for online sellers of handmade gifts and treats or art and craft supplies, based in and around Essex, to take part in our Virtual Craft Market on Facebook over the weekend of Friday 11th to Sunday 13th December.

We will be providing a platform on our dedicated Virtual Market Facebook page for you to showcase your items to customers over this weekend and beyond, along with a permanent “profile” on the Market section of our website. There is no charge to take part, although as a charity we would greatly appreciate a small donation based on the sales the event generates for you.


Before the market:

You will be able to upload a Media album of product photographs, which will act as a kind of “storefront” and will remain visible even after the market, up until the next event. You can also post up to three general posts on the Discussion page before the market to introduce yourself, your process and your products (and maybe even take some pre-orders!)

On market day:

On the day of the market you will be able to post products freely on the Discussion tab (although we will ask that you limit this to around three posts per hour so no one gets drowned out). We will also share products from your photo album on your behalf throughout the event.

Customers will interact and place orders directly with you either by commenting on your posts or through personal messaging. You will need to arrange payment and delivery directly with the customer – Braintree Community Centre will not be involved in any transactions.

Delivery of orders is to be arranged with your customers, either by delivering yourself (locally), collection by the customer, or postage. You will need to make delivery options and costs clear in your product posts.

On the website:

You will also get a permanent profile on the Market hub of our website, with your brand logo, online store/website links, and a short description of yourself and your business.



How to apply:

Please complete the application form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we will be carefully considering applications to ensure we don’t have too many competing sellers offering the same products, so regretfully we may have to decline your application on this basis.

If your application is successful we will ask you to complete a further registration form to collect all the details we need before the market. This will include the Facebook account you will be selling from (make sure you have one!), a brand logo/photo, description of you and your products for your profile, and any links or contact details you’d like displayed.

We would also love it if you are able to provide any short video or photo craft tutorials that could be posted throughout the market and on our website. For example, a tutorial with an accompanying craft material kit for sale, or a demonstration of how you made your handmade gifts to show shoppers what makes your items special. If this is something you may be interested in doing, please let us know in your application – interactive content like this is great for enticing a sale!

We reserve the right to refuse applications without giving a reason, and to remove any posts, comments or advertisements which contravene legal or ethical standards.


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