This Artist Sketchbook is made with high quality paper, and also features images of local art pieces for inspiration.

The sketchbooks are available from the office at Braintree Community Centre for £5.00 each, or you can buy two for £7.50.

The sketchbook was created by Braintree District Arts (BDA) and features images from the Public Art Directory, which can be found on the Community Centre’s website.

Braintree District Arts, established in 1972, was an umbrella organisation for all arts groups and organisations in the Braintree District.

Gradually, BDA’s services were overtaken by the growth of other individual organisations and the availability of the internet as a source of information, and so BDA merged with Braintree Community Centre in 2015.

The legacy of BDA is the Public Art Directory, which is now hosted on the BBCA website. Printed copies of the directory are also available from the office on request.